Presented below is a partial list of pricing that will help you in getting an idea of the investment required to create your art. If you’re interested in commissioning Brian to create something other than what you see below and would like a quote, just send a note via the Contact page or schedule a free consult on the Booking page.

Upon booking, a retainer is required to secure your time slot. This retainer prevents the studio from taking bookings with other clients during your preferred time, and allows us to work on the pre-shoot preparations. Generally speaking, that retainer is non-refundable. In some cases, you may have the ability to reschedule your session without a rescheduling charge.

Studio Headshots

Most of my headshots happen in the studio as I’m a stickler for the right light to show you off. Location headshots are also available (indoors or outdoors) if you’re in need of those for your desired look.

Studio Pricing (per person):

  • Two looks - $175

  • Each additional look - $60

Location Pricing (indoors):

  • First person, two looks - $225

  • Each additional person - $100

  • Each additional look - $60

Location Pricing (outdoors):

  • Per person, two looks - $250

  • Each additional person - $125

  • Each additional look - $75

Studio Portfolios (Clovis)

Used by models, agencies, actors, and more, regular studio time with Brian will either create or keep your portfolio up-to-date! Studio portfolio work includes high-end retouching to keep your portfolio looking polished!

5-look set - $375

8-look set - $525

Annual plan - 8-look set, 4 times annually - $125 / month

Studio Portfolios (Traveling)

This pricing applies to studio-style portraits outside of the primary Clovis studio. Generally speaking, the same equipment is used while traveling, so if you can’t make it to the Clovis studio, let the studio come to you! This pricing applies to indoor sessions that aren’t in the Clovis studio and is provided as a guideline. Travel cost considerations may also apply.

5-look set - $425

8-look set - $625

Outdoor Portfolios (Fresno / Clovis Area)

Looking for some extra pizzaz for your portfolio? I always encourage studio portraiture as the foundation for a portfolio, but if you’re ready for outdoor work, then here are some pricing guidelines.

4-look set $425

6-look set $575

High School Senior Photos

Being a parent of two, I have a parental perspective on High School Senior work. I divide my senior seen up into two parts: Location and Studio. They can be done the same day or on different days. Ultimately, we capture the location based portraits and then add on some creative portraiture in the studio; including a crisp headshot as I firmly believe that EVERYONE needs a headshot. (Parents… we want them to get a job at some point… right?)

Senior Sessions start at $350 and most parents invest between $600 and $950. If desired, Hair and Makeup service is available for an additional investment. (Please be sure to mention the desire to add this on early in the process so that we can coordinate schedules appropriately.)